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Some links to help you on your writing journey:

The 16 Personality Types
How to Write a Great Hero
Example Heroes to Study 
10 Tips on Building Characters
Using Birth Order in Creating Characters

Historical Research--Seventeen Questions
Lesser Known Sources
Historical Event Database Organized by Year


Writer's Block--8 Possible Remedies
What Fiction Editors Look For In a Story
Story First, Writing Second
Brainstorming Tips

Francine Rivers's Writing Tips
Required Word Counts Sorted by Publisher and Genre
How Many Words Should Your Novel Be?
Don't Give Up

What to do after "The End"--10 Points of Editing
Getting Through (or around) Impossible Revisions
One Pass Revisions
Macro Editing
The Joy of Revisions
Editing In 5 Points
Opening Lines
Google Advance Book Search (researching terms for historical accuracy) 
Need a synonym? Use OneLook's Reverse Dictionary
Weasel Words: List of Commonly Overused Words/Phrases
How to Make Word Highlight Your Weasel Word List with One Click

Comma Rules
Grammar Girl Blog
Grammar Queen

Ten Steps to Publication
13 Ways to Convince an Agent to Represent You
How to Write a Book Proposal
How to Format A Book Proposal & Sample Proposal
How to Write a Query Letter
Query Shark: Query Examples, Good and Bad
Biggest Query Letter Mistakes
How to Write a Synopsis
The Short Synopsis
The Long Synopsis 
How to Write a Novel Synopsis 
Synopsis Writing Template
7 Things About the Publishing Process
What to Ask An Agent
List of Literary Agents Who Represent Christian Authors
How to Write an Author Bio

Time Savers:
Just Say "No"
What To Give Up
The Secret to Writing Faster
File Organization

Twitter Explained
More coming soon...

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