Friday, October 21, 2011

Unexpected Visitor Alert!!

Okay, folks. Due to technical difficulties (my time machine overheating and requiring maintenance), I’m going to space out our Women of the Bible Series. No, seriously, my mom had surgery and I need to spend extra time helping her for a while. So, in order to dedicate the amount of research due to these women, I’m going to do posts twice a month instead of weekly. The next one goes up November 4th (I’ll still be posting on Fridays.) and, as announced last week, our guest will be Tamar, David’s daughter.
 Mr. Iwan A. Karrat showed up rather brusquely today with his wife Mrs. Neda Karrat (not pictured) to make sure I ask your indulgence and thank you all properly for your patience. He’s very fierce, you see? So I’m going to be toeing the line on this one. Ahem. “I ask your indulgence and give you many thanks for your patience.” J

 *Whispers* Did I do it right, Mr. Karrat?

(Mr. Karrat gives me "the look". See photo.)

Until the 4th!

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