Saturday, May 23, 2015

Latest Fiction Loves, Writing Update, A BIG Thank You, & Winner Announcement

Whew! Despite the horrendous title I've bestowed upon this post, I assure you the content will be sweetly succinct--or at least as much as possible. Hey, we are talking fiction loves here. Give a girl a break.

Movie Love:
Big Hero 6. Loved the depth of this animated film, as well as the amount of laughs. I've watched it twice already. P.S. to writers: after watching the film, watch the beginning again. Marvel at the intricately detailed setup and foreshadowing courtesy of Disney's screenwriters. Watch and learn, my friends.

Book Love:
I'm judging a writing contest--which I shall not name, so I've been reading those books instead of the ones on my TBR pile. (BTW, I'm thinking of changing TBR to PFL--Potential Fiction Loves. Hmm. Feel free give your own suggestions for renaming my TBR pile in the comments.)

Anyway, several books I'm judging are ones I've read before. Since I don't have anything new for you there, I'm pulling out an old one--as in 136 years old--which I really liked (It's FREE for Kindle or the free Kindle app.):

Wired Love: A Romance of Dots and Dashes is a clean read, written in 1879 with SO many ironic parallels for our day. Seriously, if you can read the book and not think of modern text message conversations, then you're not reading the book. The characters were varied and fun with a touch of old fashioned class. :D

Also, to make up for my lack of recent fiction loves, I'm sneaking in some non-fiction loves with the promise I shall have some truly authentic, non-sneeky-faker, all-out-fiction loves for you soon. *heart*

Non-fiction Loves:\

  • Get Lost by Danna Gresh
  • Crazy Love by Francis Chan
  • Union and Communion by J. Hudson Taylor (FREE for Kindle)
  • The Pursuit of God by A. W. Tozer (FREE for Kindle) -- My current non-fiction read, which is all at once amazing, poetic, enjoyable and convicting.

10 Second Writing Update (depending on how fast you can read):
I've got 12 scenes left to revise. (Hopefully by the time you read this I'll have them finished, but I'm afraid I've saved the harder ones for last--not intentionally, though; I'm revising chronologically & those endings are HARD.) Working my way through Rock Your Revisions, and I'm about to dive into the surface editing part. YAY! Copy editing's my favorite.

A BIG "Thank You"
to everyone who filled out my Improvement Questionnaire! Y'all have given me all kinds of great ideas. Expect to see them implemented bit by bit in the coming weeks! Keep those opinions and suggestions coming!

WINNER ANNOUNCEMENT: The happy winner of Jo Huddleston's sweet, Southern historical romance, Wait for Me, is Patty. Congrats! We'll be in contact with you shortly!

Your turn to talk:
What are you doing this Memorial Day Weekend?
Are you grilling out with friends and family?
Staying in to read a book?
What are you reading right now? I'd LOVE to know!


  1. I just downloaded Wired Love: A Romance of Dots and Dashes -- thanks for the recommendation. This is the time period I write, so it'll not only be fun to read I can consider it 'research' :-)

    Have a super and safe holiday.

    Nancy C

  2. Hi, Nancy! Don't you love it when entertainment and research coincide? :) Too fun.

    Thank you! Hope your Memorial Day is wonderful!

  3. I've been reading Together With You by Victoria Bylin. Have you read anything by her? It became one of those I didn't want to put down!

    Thanks for the book recommendations! I'm judging a contest too, and I feel like I have NO extra time for any others books. Except the ones I'm due to review.

    And writing. I'm always trying to find time for that.

    Sending you an email to check in... (:

  4. Hi, Courtney! I haven't read any by Victoria Bylin yet. I *think* I have one of hers on my Kindle.

    I know what you mean about reading time--I read one of the contest books today between church. It's been FOREVER since I read a whole book in a day. Was kind of fun. :)

    I'll run check my email!

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