Thursday, September 10, 2015

Lena Nelson Dooley Interview & "A Texas Christmas" Feature

I'm honored Lena Nelson Dooley is here with us sharing about her new Christmas novella!!!
*Lena is offering a giveaway of this book! See red text at post's end for details.

Let's dive right in. Hi, Lena! What are some of the spiritual themes you like to write about?
I often include spiritual themes about forgiveness/unforgiveness, trusting God or not trusting God for all things, even dealing with root of bitterness or a poor self-image. I want the readers to see how they can deal with similar problems with the Lord.

What other books of yours are coming out soon?
My next book is Love Is Patient. It’s a novella collection as well.

If you could spend an evening with one contemporary person (not a family member of yours), who would it be and why?
I would love for James and me to spend one evening with George and Laura Bush. Our lives have several things in common but many more things that aren’t.

What historical person would you like to meet (besides Jesus) and why?
Queen Esther. She is my favorite Bible character. I wonder if I could have risked my life the way she did. There are so many nuances in the book of Esther in the Bible that I find fascinating.

How can you encourage authors who have been receiving only rejections from publishers?
Rejections are a fact of life for most authors. I’d tell them to learn to recognize that a rejection of a manuscript isn’t rejection of them as a person. And there are a large number of reasons a publisher might reject a manuscript, even though the manuscript is publication ready. They might have a similar book coming out by another author or the book is very good but doesn’t fit what they need at the time.

Tell us about the featured book.
A Texas Christmas is a novella collection.

  Six Romances from the Historic Lone Star State
Herald the Season of Love

Here Cooks the Bride by Cathy Marie Hake - Lacey Mather's delicious cooking is warming many hearts and stomachs--especially those of a closed-mouth blacksmith. But she has no plans to stay in Texas.

A Christmas Chronicle by Pamela Griffin - Travis McCoy is a nomadic photographer with no time to put down roots, find a wife, and raise a family. But then he meets the unconventional Vivian Sager.

To Hear Angels Sing by Ramona Cecil - Bridget O'Keefe leaves Chicago to teach Indian orphans and quickly experiences the hostility the Comanche face from locals like Seth Krueger who blame then for the death of his parents.

The Face of Mary by Darlene Franklin - Mary "Polly" Jessup holds onto a promise of marriage made five years ago, but when Joey Carpenter returns from law school with a new outlook and a new girlfriend, her future hopes are dashed.

Charlsey’s Accountant by Lena Nelson Dooley - Charlsey Ames can rope, ride, and work the ranch with the men and never thought she's be attracted to accountant Harold Miller, III, a citified tenderfoot.

Plain Trouble by Kathleen Y’Barbo - An expert tracker, the plain Bessie Mae Ames is content unmarried, until Texas Ranger Josef Mueller rides into town, trailing a wanted man.

Can you give us the first page of the book?

September 1879
“Excuse me, sir.”

Jeff halted mid-motion, his shovel full of coal. Black dust swirled around his thick boots as he glanced at the young lady. Oh, and she was definitely a lady. Judging from her so-very-proper Boston accent, the Daddy-has-money traveling suit with all the fuss and bother, and her wide hazel eyes, this gal wasn’t just out of place; she was lost.

“Might I impose for a moment to inquire as to the location of your local diner?”

He dumped the coal into his wheelbarrow and stood to his full height. “Diner’s closed. Best hop back aboard the train and try Meadsville.”

The feather in her stylish hat swayed back and forth as she gave her head a small shake. “I fear I did not make myself known. I’m Lacey Mather, and I’ve come to help my great-aunt Millie at the diner.”

“Millie’s your great-aunt?” Jeff couldn’t hide the surprise in his voice. On her better days, Millie looked as if she’d been caught in a whirlwind. Most of the time, she looked like she sorted bobcats for a living. No man in his right mind would imagine Millie as kin to this dainty blond beauty.

“Yes.” Miss Mather folded her white-gloved hands at her …

Love it! How can readers find you on the Internet?

Award-winning author Lena Nelson Dooley has had more than 800,000 copies of her books sold. Lena loves James, her children, grandchildren, and great grandsons. 

She loves chocolate, cherries, chocolate-covered cherries, and spending time with friends. Travel is always on her horizon. Cruising, Galveston, the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas, Mexico. One day it will be Hawaii and Australia, but probably not the same year.  

She is a member of American Christian Fiction Writers and the local chapter, ACFW - DFW. She's a member of Christian Authors' Network, CROWN Fiction Marketing, and Gateway Church in Southlake, Texas.

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Comment fodder:

What's your favorite thing about books set during Christmas?
Fresh, cold snow? 
Remembering the Biblical Christmas account?  
Seeing what gifts the characters give one another?
Something else? Tell us in the comments below!!



  1. Thank you, Natalie, for featuring me on your blog.

  2. Natalie, I'd like to offer a giveaway of the book on your blog.

  3. Ok, I'm hooked. This story looks amazing! I love these types of novella collections. :)

  4. Thank you so much for being here, Lena!!! I'll get the info up right away!!

  5. Hi, Heather!!! I know, right? I love novella collections!! And Christmas historical romances are by far my favorite!

  6. Wonderful interview with Ms. Lena! I love both Christmas and Texas! Can't wait to read this wonderful story.


  7. I have actually never read a Christmas novella book but would love to! This one looks interesting! :)

  8. Oh, and I guess to enter me in the giveaway: amandatero(at)gmail(dot)com

  9. I love novella's, I love the fact that the stories are short and you get a lot of different authors, some you know and love and sometimes you find new authors to follow. I love Christmas stories because they are usually a happy and giving time of year. Thank you for the chance to win a copy of "A Texas Christmas".

    wfnren at aol dot com

  10. Well, now I need to read the rest of the story about Millie and this very proper woman. I might fit quite well with the description of Millie, not so sure I do of the niece.

    If I'm not too late, I'd like a chance to win and read this book

  11. Wonderful interview Natalie. I love stories centered around Christmas especially with an underlying message that can touch the heart for Jesus. Please include me in your giveaway! :)


  12. Englishmysteriesblog, Carol, Amanda Wendy, Donna, Kelly, thanks for dropping by. I'm reading every one of your comments.

  13. Hi, Caryl! There is nothing better than reading about true love at Christmas--in Texas. :) Best wishes in the giveaway!

  14. Amanda!!! So good to see you here! I bet you'd love this book. I'll enter you in the giveaway right away. Wishing you lots of happy reading!

  15. Wendy! I love everything you said about novellas. Multi-authors, and the compact storylines! Aren't they great? Thanks so much for coming by!

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  17. Hey, Kelly!!! So good to see your lovely smile here again! Absolutely! I've got you entered in the giveaway! Best wishes on winning the book!

  18. This sounds like a fun story!

  19. All of the Author's different stories sound wonderful, but Lena's story, Charlsey's Accountant, sounds like a fun opposites attract.

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