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Christmas Mail-Order Angels Feature: A HOME FOR CHRISTMAS by Patty Smith Hall & COOKING UP CHRISTMAS by Teresa Ives Lilly

Continuing our fun week of Christmas novella giveaways (Keep checking back and entering, y'all!), we have Patty Smith Hall & Teresa Ives Lilly here today answering 2-Question interviews to satisfy our reader-curiosity! 

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First off, here's Patty:

Is she cursed?

All of her life, Margaret Cobb has felt cursed, the port wine stain on her cheek a punishment for her mother’s death. But she dreams of a home and family. When the opportunity arises to be a mail order bride for a man in Angel Vale, Wyoming, Margaret risks everything familiar for her chance at happiness, only to be rejected once again. That is until assayer Avery Waldwin offers to marry her. 
Or the answer to Avery’s prayers?

Avery Waldwin needs a mother for his young daughter, even if it means marrying a woman he’s never met. A marriage of convenience was all he’d hoped for, but there’s something about the kind, Godly woman that draws him to her. As the Christmas season approaches, both Avery and Margaret discover there’s only one present they each want—the gift of love!

Question #1:
Hi, Patty! How did you decided on this title for your book?

I chose this title because my heroine, Margaret has never had a place where she felt safe and accepted just for who she was. Her entire life, she’s been judged based on what she looked like physically and has never had the opportunity to show people who she really is. It’s not until she meet Avery and his daughter that Margaret finally feels comfortable enough to let down her guard.

Question #2:
If your life were a book, what would be the title of it?

Good question. Probably something like ‘Beauty among the Ashes.’ For some odd reason, most people think I’ve had an easy breezy life, that I’ve never had any troubles or struggles. I think its because I’ve always had this positive attitude toward the world in general. The truth is I struggled over the years—with physical pain, with depression. Both of our daughters were born premature and we almost lost them. We lost our home in the housing market crash a few years ago. But God has used those times in my life to shape me and to grow my faith—without the hard times, I wouldn’t be the person I am today and more importantly, I wouldn’t have been ready for the writing ministry God had planned for me.

Patty  Smith-Hall is a multi-published  author with Love Inspired Historical and Heartsong.   She currently serves as president of the ACFW-Atlanta chapter. She calls North Georgia her home which she shares with her husband of 30+ years, Danny; two gorgeous daughters and a future son-in-love. Her next release, A Home for Christmas is now available on Amazon.

Giveaway!! Patty is giving away a copy of her E-book A Home For Christmas. To enter, leave a comment telling us you'd like to enter. Remember to leave your email address so I can contact you if you win! To protect yourself from spam, you can use the following format: emailATserverDOTcom. 

Also with us today is Teresa Ives Lilly:

When Henrietta agrees to become a mail order angel for Benjamin Capel, she moves to Angel Vale Wyoming eager to begin working in the town’s eatery. Although happy with her job and attracted to her husband-to-be, she discovers that Benjamin has several secrets. What does he do for a living, why does talking about money upset him so much, and who actually owns the Angel Vale Eatery? Will these questions be answered so she can freely say, " I Do," or does God have a different plan for her life in Angel Vale?

Question #1:
Hi, Teresa! What sparked the idea for your particular story in the series? Answer:
I was so excited to be included on this series and once I knew the over all story, I brain stormed until the story just popped into my mind. I'm not a cook, so it's a bit strange that I wrote about a cook. However, I was trying to think of a job she could have in town, little did I know that her cooking would end up to be the central theme of the whole book. 
Question #2:
What personal experiences did you draw from to write the story?

Not a thing since I do not cook. She's very clumsy and that's not me, although I was trying to be humorous and the only thing that makes me laugh is when someone falls down. My character does it several times. 

Teresa Ives Lilly lives in Texas with her husband, near her grown children. She loves to write Christian Historical Novellas, although she dabbles in contemporary as well. You can see all her books at She loves to hear from her readers at

Giveaway!! Teresa is giving away one Amazon copy of her E-book Cooking Up Christmas and THREE PDF copies!!! To enter, leave a comment telling us you'd like to enter. Remember to leave your email address so I can contact you if you win! To protect yourself from spam, you can use the following format: emailATserverDOTcom.

Christmas Mail Order Angels:
A dying town populated by miners eager to settle down. . .but not a single marriageable woman lives in Angel Vale, Wyoming. The women of Merville, Maine, have lost too many men to the Civil War and to the sea. When the Ladies Aid Society receives the request for mail order brides, eleven matches are made. Enjoy the first six novellas in the collection by Darlene Franklin, Susan Page Davis, Cynthia Hickey, Brandi Boddie, Jennifer AlLee, and Teresa Ives Lilly

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  4. Both of these stories sound wonderful. Thank you Patty Smith Hall- you are making me want to know what secrets Avery is keeping. Teresa Ives Lilly- I Love to cook so to hear it from someone who doesn't could make for a very amusing read!
    Thank You both I would be honored to Win your books

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