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A WORTHY HEART ~ Character Interview with Susan Anne Mason

About A Worthy Heart:
The answer to Maggie Montgomery’s dream of seeing America has arrived at just the right time. Not only will she be reunited with her beloved brother Rylan, but she’ll finally be able to escape Neill Fitzgerald and his increasingly unwanted attention. She’s intent on never returning to Ireland, hoping to build her future in the land of opportunity and perhaps find the love of her life.
While visiting Irish Meadows, she meets an intriguing man she thinks is a stable hand. Only when her brother demands she stay away from Adam O’Leary does she learn he’s Rylan’s brother-in-law, recently released from prison. Nonetheless, Maggie can’t seem to make her stubborn heart conform to her brother’s request.
Adam O’Leary has never felt worthy of his place in the family. Now a free man, Adam’s only desire is to earn back his family’s trust. Falling in love with the newly arrived Maggie, however, was never in his plans. Despite everyone’s effort to keep them apart, the two develop a bond it seems nothing can break—but they soon discover the past isn’t easy to overcome.
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Hello Sweet South Belles (and gentlemen)! I'm very excited to have here with us Adam O'Leary from Susan Anne Mason's A Worthy Heart.

Hello, there, Mr. O'Leary. Tell me about yourself.
My name is Adam O’Leary. My father owns a horse breeding farm called Irish Meadows in Long Island, New York. Unfortunately I don’t share my father’s passion for horses and we have always been at odds. My mother, on the other hand, has always been my greatest champion. For her sake, I have vowed to turn my life around and make a fresh start.

Are there any children or pets in your life? What do you love about them?
(smiles fondly) I have an adopted niece, Delia, who is adorable. And a lovable mutt named Chester seems to have adopted me. Since I have no place to keep a dog, I gave him to Delia because she loved him so much.

What are your hobbies?

My hobby is my passion—woodworking and furniture building. Our head horse trainer, Sam Turnbull, taught me how to carve and work with wood when I was a boy.

Do you have any grandparent figures in your life? How have they influenced you?
No grandparents, but Sam Turnbull was the closest thing to a grandfather figure in my life.

Siblings? How many? Do you get along?
I’m the oldest in the family. I have a brother and three sisters. (Another younger brother drowned when he was 8). We get along fine, although since my incarceration, there’s been a definite strain on the relationships. My sister, Brianna, is the sweetest of the bunch, and I’m hoping she’ll be able to smooth the way with the rest of the family.

What is your dearest dream?

To open my own furniture shop. Building furniture is my passion and to be able to have my own shop, where I can create the pieces and sell them, would be a dream come true.

Any current romantic interests?
I have my eye on Maggie Montgomery, my brother-in-law’s sister who recently came over from Ireland, but her brothers will never let her have anything to do with me because I’m an ex-convict. She’s beautiful, kind and talented, and she deserves someone far better than me.

What is your worst fear?
That I’ll never earn my father’s respect. Now that I’ve spent time in prison, this task seems even more impossible.

What has happened in your life to influence your faith?
The prison chaplain, John McNabb, was a huge influence on me, enabled me to 'see the light' so to speak. His guidance and wise advice, as well as his non-judgmental attitude, really helped rekindle my faith. His offer to help me transition back into society has been a godsend.

Are there any hardheaded people in your life right now? What’s the issue?
My father, James O’Leary. He’s always been hard on me growing up and now refuses to believe that I’ve changed. No matter how sorry I am for my crimes, I fear he’ll never give me another chance. Especially if I’m right about my suspicions.

Susan Anne Mason describes her writing style as “romance sprinkled with faith.” She loves incorporating inspirational messages of God’s unconditional love and forgiveness into her characters’ journeys. A Worthy Heart is her second historical novel in the Courage to Dream series. Irish Meadows won the Fiction from the Heartland contest sponsored by the Mid-American Romance Authors chapter of RWA.
Susan lives outside Toronto, Ontario, with her husband, two children, and two cats. She loves chocolate, is not partial to snow even though she’s Canadian, and is ecstatic on the rare occasions she has the house to herself. In addition to writing, Susan likes to research her family history on-line, and occasionally indulges in scrapbooking. Learn more about Susan and her books at You can also find Susan on Facebook.

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  1. Susan! Hi! Thanks for introducing Adam. He sounds like an interesting character. I particularly like the idea of a hero who loves woodworking. All the best for your latest!
    Nancy C

  2. Thanks, Nancy! Funny how a character I first couldn't stand ended up becoming one of my favorites!


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