Monday, January 30, 2017

Of Rags and Riches Novella Research: America's Oldest Seaside Resort ~ Cape May

Picture a long stretch of sidewalk, street lamps, and Victorian bed-and-breakfasts, window-to-window in every color you can name. Don’t forget the gingerbread trim. Or the carriages rattling by, mixing a salty sea breeze with buttery odors from a family-owned restaurant two blocks over. Wanna visit? Me too.

I first learned of the beautiful city of Cape May while researching my upcoming novella. The idea of setting my story there was short-lived, however, due to several incongruences with my plot. But I’m excited to share what I discovered about the history of the Victorian resort. 

This is part of my guest post over on the Heroes, Heroines, & History website. For more photos and the history of Cape May, read the rest here!

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