Monday, April 10, 2017

Is God Saying, "No?"

On my mind today after reading my morning Bible plan.

In Genesis chapter 10 - The Bible speaks of the separating of nations.

Ezra 10 - The children of Israel put away their Gentile wives and separated themselves from the people of the land to escape God's Wrath.

Matthew 10 - Jesus sent forth his disciples, not to the Gentiles but to the lost sheep of the house of Israel, speaking also of separation because of persecution as well as separation among family due to differences of belief.

Acts 10 - God led Peter to share the gospel with the Gentiles, and the Holy Ghost was poured out on those Gentiles that believed. I'm so glad God saved me and made me a part of the Gentile bride of Christ!

God's message about the Gentiles, in these specific chapters, seems to be, "No. No. No." Then, "Go!" Has God been shutting doors in your life? He might be preparing you for the door He's going to open. Don't give up, don't go against His Word, and don't settle for anything less than His will for your life. You never know when God is about to say, "Go!" :)

If you're looking for a good Bible reading schedule, I'm really enjoying Robert Murray M'Cheyne's plan in the "Bible by Olive Tree" app put out by HarperCollins Christan publishing. (And no one paid me to say that, lol.)

Remember, no matter who or where you are, God is good, God loves you,  and His plan is perfect!

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