Friday, June 8, 2018

A Chance at Forever by Melissa Jagears #REVIEWED


Doesn't this cover just grab your heart? Gives me a case of the warm fuzzies. <3

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From the back cover:
In early 1900s Kansas, Mercy McClain, determined to protect Teaville's children from the bullying she experienced as a child, finds fulfillment working at the local orphanage and serving on the school board. When Aaron Firebrook, the classmate who bothered her more than any other, petitions the board for a teaching position, she's dead set against him getting the job.

Aaron knows he deserves every bit of Mercy's mistrust, but he's returned to his hometown a changed man and is seeking to earn forgiveness of those he wronged. He doesn't expect Mercy to like him, but surely he can prove he now has the best interests of the children at heart.

Will resentment and old wounds hold them back, or can Mercy and Aaron put the past behind them in time to face the unexpected threats to everything they're working for?

The Characters:
Both the main characters and the secondary characters in this story are unique and have unexpected qualities.

The Romance:
One thing I love about Melissa Jagears' books is that the romance stories are so unique and unexpected in how they play out. Aaron and Mercy, given their past and present struggles, have to become very vulnerable with one another in order for a relationship to work. Watching them grow brave enough to open up and trust was a joy that kept me turning pages to see what happened next.

The Faith Element:
Melissa always has a practical and challenging Scriptural message for readers, one the characters show organically through their struggle to learn and use the truth in everyday life.

The Author's Trademarks:
There is also such relatability and practical, homey flavor to Melissa's stories. No matter the book is set around the turn of the century, I can empathize with the characters' struggles, their goals, and even the world in which they operate. The conflicts are simple, but so strong and personal, a reader can't help but relate.

Overall Impression:
While I'm sad to see the close of a great series, it was great to revisit familiar characters and see some long, twisted threads tied up into a satisfying resolution. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys clean historical romance filled with hope. The way the characters learn to stand up for truth and for the ones they love is touching and rewarding for the reader. I look forward to seeing what Melissa has coming in the future!

Comment Fodder:
I’d love to know… What are some things you look forward to experiencing in historical novels? Unique historical facts? Simpler times? Chivalry and old-fashioned values? Descriptions of clothing and daily living? A closer look at historical world events? 

*I received a copy of this book from the publisher free of charge. My review is voluntary, and the opinions expressed are my own.

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