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Heidi Glick Interview

Heidi Glick has a B.A. in biology, a minor in Bible from Cedarville University, and a passion for writing Christian fiction. Additionally, she is a member of American Christian Fiction Writers and has written two articles for Intercom. Heidi’s debut suspense novel, “Dog Tags,” was released in June 2013.

Hi, Heidi! So great to have you here! Give us a couple sentences describing what you write.

I write scintillating Christian suspense with a touch of romance. I write to entertain as well as to encourage with faith-building stories.

How would you label the overall mood of your stories: dark, gritty, poignant, sensitive, heart-warming, raucous, light, fresh, tummy-tickler (funny), educational, adventurous, witty, passionate, reminiscent, sweet, forceful, eye-opening.

Though I write suspense and my books include dark moments, I also like to include humor in my stories.

What is the name of your latest book?

Dog Tags was released in June 2013.

Using any celebrity, past or present, who would you cast as your main characters?

Well, based purely on physical similarities to my characters, if he were still alive, I would have cast Paul Walker as the hero, and I’d cast Rachel McAdams as the heroine.

 What is the theme of your story and how did you come to it?

The theme of the story is forgiveness. The story also deals with grief and loss. While writing the book, I lost my father to ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease). Also, my husband and I experienced infertility.

A sneak peek into what you're working on right now?

Right now, I’m working on a crime/suspense novel in which a federal agent tries to save greater Cincinnati from a chemical spill that threatens the Ohio River.

Describe your writing space.

I usually write on my laptop while sitting on my couch (nothing fancy).

Do you work a day job? Is there a secret/technique you’ve found that helps with balancing the writing and working life?

Before my son was born, I worked as a technical editor/writer for several years. Now, I stay at home, and I occasionally perform freelance editing jobs. When I worked full time outside the home, I wrote early in the morning and at night. I also would use a voice recorder in my car to record ideas, and I would sometimes write during lunch breaks. As a stay at home mom, I write when my son naps or in the evenings.

Do you blog? If so, leave us the address.

I have a personal blog called the Queen City Quill. More frequently, I blog for Sleuths and Suspects, a site for readers of mystery, thriller, suspense, and romantic suspense genres.

Now the fun stuff... :)

On a dream research trip, where would you go? What would you ask to see/experience first?

I would go to England because it is a brief setting in one of my manuscripts. Otherwise, I’d travel to Guadalajara, Mexico, because that is also a setting in one of manuscripts.

When you read, do you prefer paperback, e-book, or audio? Why?

I prefer e-book because I can read while on the treadmill; I like to multi-task when possible.
Book blurb.

When disabled ex-Marine Mark Graham reconnects with his best friend’s sister, he finds himself falling in love. But Beth Martindale’s presence is a constant reminder of events he’d rather forget. Mark wants to move forward, but the secrets surrounding her brother’s death as well as his own confinement to a wheelchair threaten to tear them apart. When a psychopath who calls himself The Knight fixates on Beth, Mark is determined to give her the protection he failed to give her brother on the battlefield, yet he discovers that a wheelchair isn’t the only impediment he has to keeping Beth safe. Will terror win or can Mark find the strength of mind and body to rescue Beth and find his own redemption?

Oh my word!! Talk about a gripping premise!!! Cannot wait to read this one.

Which of these things can readers can do to help spread the word about this book?

Word of mouth is great, but I appreciate any of the following ways to spread the word about Dog Tags

Word of mouth, reviews,
Blog posts,
Tweets/Facebook posts,
Like the author's Facebook page, follow on Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Goodreads,
If you win/buy a copy, post a pic with the book,
Repin book quotes or cover art from the author on,
Recommend to a library or book club, or start one with this book!

Heidi has offered a digital copy of Dog Tags to one commenter! Leave your email address in your comment in the following format to be entered: email (at) address (dot) com.

Winner of last week's giveaway of Bonnie Leon's Journey of Eleven Moons is (drumroll) Maxie! Congrats! I'll be emailing you soon!!


  1. Natalie and Heidi,
    Enjoyed the interview! To both of you, keep up the good work & keep writing!

    1. Hi, Brother David. Will do! Thanks for joining us!

  2. What an interesting book cover! ! Immediately hooked my attention.
    Fun interview, too. England is a place I would love to visit as well.
    Great post, Natalie!

    1. Thanks, Courtney! :)

      Our church has some missionaries in England. They live in a town close to Scotland as well. I'm always concocting imaginary reasons to go visit them. :)

      On a fictional trip to England, I would swallow my timidity and hire a British gentleman with an accent sounding something like Tom Hiddleston's to read to me for hours a day and bring me tea. Haha!

    2. That is a splendid idea! Lol! Love a British accent!

  3. I do love books about wounded heroes. This one sounds edge of your seat exciting.

    Good interview.

    1. Thanks, Elaine! I agree. This book blurb has me hooked!

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  5. This has been on my to-read list for a while. I'd love to win a copy!

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