Friday, July 21, 2017

George Mueller, Pinterest, & A #Giveaway

We've several things to cover in this hodgepodge post!

What does George Mueller have to do with Pinterest and a Kindle Fire? Read on.
Check out, an interesting and informative site about the man "who got things from God."

In my novella, For Richer or Poorer, my hero Woody’s inspiration was based loosely on the historical character of George Mueller (1805-1898), a man known for prayer, his great faith and devotion to God, and “getting things from God.” You can find biographical e-books about Mueller free for Amazon Kindle, and many articles about him online.

Mueller had a heart for orphans and built three large orphanages before his death at the age of ninety-three. The funds for these orphanages were not raised through fundraising or special pleas for church offerings or even through charity balls like the one in my story. Nope. George Muller’s orphanage funds came from his and his wife’s silent prayers to God alone, trusting Him as their ultimate and only Source of provision. His life and records of answered prayer are fascinating to read about. From what I recall, George was never surprised by God’s answering his prayers—he fully expected God would follow through.

My character Woody has a lot of growing to do in his novella to become like Mueller. But that's what fiction is about, right? Characters growing. Readers growing. Authors growing. Becoming more like Christ.


The CCC gals over at the Coffee Cups & Camisoles blog are having a blog blitz about the Of Rags and Riches Romance Collection, where each author in the collection shares a bit about their novella. Don't miss the running giveaway for a LOADED KINDLE FIRE! Yes, I'm a bit excited about that part. I recently shared on there a few secrets about my novella For Richer or Poorer, so hop on over to read my little-known confession about the novella's faith-journey and enter to win.

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Comment Fodder:

I’m often surprised by answered prayer, probably because I don’t really believe my request is worth God's attention. But He loves to meet our needs, even small ones. That’s the sweet thing. Have you ever been surprised by a sweet answer to prayer, big or small? Tell us about it.

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