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Interview With Pastor, Author & Adoptee Brandon Vaughan

Author bio.

Brandon Vaughan came to know Christ on July 4th, 1999. Three years later, at the age of seventeen, he answered the Lord's call to preach. Since then, he has been privileged to serve in almost every aspect of the ministry. It has always been his heart's desire to see the will of God unfold in his life, and his book, RECONCILED, is simply an unbelievable chapter in that journey. Brandon is currently the pastor at Little Sandy Baptist Church in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. He and his wife, Leah, have two children, Wesley and Allison.

Hi, Brother Brandon. So great to have you on the blog. I have to ask, Who first had the idea to write a book about your story? You? Your birth mom? Your wife?

The Lord really laid it heavy on my heart to write this book. Even from a young age I have loved reading and writing. I have written a little bit of everything from short stories, poems, sermons and even some songs. However, I never sought to publish anything. But I simply had to share my story with the world.

Describe what spurred you to find your birth mother. What incident, if any, set your search in motion?

The one event that made me decide to find my birth mother was the birth of my son,Wesley. My wife, Leah, couldn't even tolerate the idea of him spending the night in the nursery so that she could sleep. As I watched her holding our son, I realized that my birth mother must have been forced to give me away and that it must have haunted her for all these years. I felt a burning desire, almost a sense of duty, to find her.

How did you find time to write your story? Was there anything particular that helped you focus?

I began writing the book in August of 2012 and I submitted the manuscript to the publisher on Christmas Eve of that same year. I must admit it was somewhat of an obsession. I would work all day and come home to spend 3 or 4 hours a day in attempt to get my story out.

You've spoken to me before about how no two readers say the same thing when you ask how this story impacted them. So I'd like to ask you, when you finally saw your book in print, what were your thoughts?
When I was able to physically see and that finished copy of the book I was simply overwhelmed at God's goodness. In a very real sense He is the author, I was merely the publicist.

One thing that struck me about your story is how your adoptive family and your biological family "blended" so graciously. In light of "typical" family dynamics, I would think that is rare. Could you tell us how you saw God working in that situation?

Its amazing to see how well our families blended. We're all just really laid back people. That, combined with the ingrained importance of family from both sides. So it really isn't that surprising. From day one it was the philosophy that we are family and that's all that matters.

Is there anything you didn't include in the book that you'd like readers to know?

Without a doubt the one area of the book that I wish I could have expounded on (but couldn't at the time) was the change in my grandmother's heart. She was painted in the book as mean, and somewhat hateful, as she forced my mother to give me up for adoption, and at that time she was. But she got saved later in life and really became close to Mom. This past year she apologized to Mom about the adoption and said that she didn't give her enough credit. I was at her bedside a month ago when she passed away. I had the priviledge of preaching to over a hundred people at her funeral. I preached on "A God of Second Chances".

When you look back on your journey to finding your birth mother, what's the biggest "wow" moment?

When I look back at the whole situation there is simply no way to decide on that one "wow" moment. There are simply too many. How could I decide between seeing my family for the first time on Facebook, that first phone call, meeting for the first time, seeing my mom saved, writing a book and getting to relive and relay the story with others? It can't be done.

What's the one question you get asked the most when people learn of your story?

With out a doubt, the most frequent question I receive from people about the book is "was your adoptive mom jealous at all about the whole situation?" The answer is a resounding no. We are extremely secure in our relationship. She was happy, not only for me, but for my birth mom. For the past two years they have actually sent each other Mother's Day cards.

I read your story months ago, and the story still amazes me. How can readers get a copy of your book?

People can get my book at Barnes and noble, and just about any online retailer. has the lowest price. The e-book is also available.
Thanks so much, Natalie, for sharing my book on your blog! Let me know when you're book comes out so I can buy one. God bless.

Thank YOU for visiting with us, Brother Brandon!
 About the book:

This inspirational memoir shares the amazing true story of a young mother who was separated from her son at birth. She never even got to hold him before he was taken away. Over a quarter of a century goes by without her even knowing his name. Could Providence cause their paths to cross even after all these years? See through their individual trials and triumphs how God truly does have a plan for every life.

I loved this book so much, I'm giving away an e-book copy to one person who comments. Leave your email address in the following spam-free format: email(at)domain(dot)com. To get our comments rolling: Can you imagine telling not just a fiction story, but YOUR story? What would you tell?

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