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Natalie's Famous Sweet Iced Tea

(makes 1 gallon)

4 family size tea bags
1 & 1/2 cups sugar (you can always add more if you like it sweeter!)
3 cups ice
lemon wedges*

Boil 3 cups of water in a teapot or saucepan. Drop in tea bags and cover, then turn off heat. Steep 4 minutes. Pour ice over tea bags and stir until melted. Dump sugar in a gallon pitcher. Pour steeped tea over sugar and stir until dissolved. Rinse tea bags in teapot and squeeze out remaining tea before discarding (this gives the tea a good snap!), then empty the teapot into the pitcher. Fill pitcher the rest of the way with water and stir. Pour up a glass with fresh ice and enjoy!

*Not everyone enjoys lemon-flavored tea, so I use wedges as a garnish by cutting into the middle and propping on the side of the glass.


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