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G. E. Hamlin Interviews Her Character Randall Connor

Hi, everyone. Please welcome today's guests, G. E. Hamlin and her character Randall Connor!

Hello, Natalie. I’m honored you’ve invited me to be interviewed for your blog. I write women’s fiction with a focus on troubled marriages. My writing style reflects the qualities of Nicholas Sparks’ soft side and the fast pace of James Patterson.

How would you label the overall mood of your stories: dark, gritty, poignant, sensitive, heart-warming, raucous, light, fresh, tummy-tickler (funny), educational, adventurous, witty, passionate, reminiscent, sweet, forceful, eye-opening?
I humbly say, all of the above. As in real life, my characters walk through an array of experiences, which stirs each of the emotions you’ve identified at various points in their lives. We’ve all experienced dark times in our lives, which hopefully have opened our eyes, as well as every other emotion you’ve listed in between.

What is the name of your latest book?

“Marriage Takes Three”, is my debut novel, and is scheduled for release from Chalfont House/HopeSprings Books on April 02, 2014.

Using any celebrity, past or present, who would you cast as your main characters?
This is a great question. I’d be interested to hear who the readers would cast in the roles of: Randall Connor, Darla Connor, Paul Connor, and the protagonist, country music artist Jack Collins (also known as J.J. Collins). As for me, when I wrote “Marriage Takes Three” I had specific actors in mind, so you can see why I like your question. 
Randall Connor – I envision a younger Alec Baldwin (I say in his 40s). 
Darla Connor – Diane Lane is my ideal actress for the character. 
Paul Connor – I pictured Zac Efron.

Jack Collins (J.J. Collins) I visualized a younger Kris Kristofferson (also in his 40s).

What is the theme of your story?
I’d like to invite one of the people, intimately involved with the theme of “Marriage Takes Three” to share his perspective. So, without further adieu, I introduce Mr. Randall Connor.
G.E. Hamlin: Hello, Randall. How are you feeling today?
Randall: In a word, Optimistic. Now if you ask me in twenty-four hours my answer may change. As a recovering alcoholic, I’ve learned to take it one day at a time.
G.E. Hamlin:  Randall, I’ve been asked to share about the theme of “Marriage Takes Three”, which is your family’s story, so it seemed appropriate to ask your perspective. Would you please tell me and Natalie’s readers what you feel the theme of “Marriage Takes Three” is about? One caveat, please don’t give too much away. LOL.
Randall: I’m humbled that you would want to include my opinion, and I certainly have one. My wife, Darla and teenage son, Paul, would say I have an opinion on just about everything. I believe the theme of “Marriage Takes Three” is about what happens when God is not part of a marriage. Many couples don’t include God in their marriages, look at the married couples who are struggling to stay in their marriages let alone enjoy them. The common denominator (I’m an accountant, so please forgive the analytical approach) is the majority of unhappy troubled marriages are godless, or best case scenario, only one spouse is putting God first in the marriage.
G.E. Hamlin: You mentioned your wife, Darla, and your son, Paul; I sensed a little tension when you said they feel as though you have an opinion about everything. What did you mean?
Randall: As a Christian man, who wants to be the head of my home -- under the leadership of Jesus Christ, it can be perceived as if it’s ‘my way or the highway’ when in fact, its God’s way that we should be seeking. Granted, my delivery isn’t always in love, but I try as best as I can with the help of Jesus to walk in love…. And trust me, He’s working on my delivery.
G.E. Hamlin:  What have you learned experientially that you didn’t know before your marital trials?
Randall: That’s easy. God is faithful even when I’m not and for that I am forever thankful and it also encourages me to be the person He wants me to be, versus who the world says I should be.
G.E. Hamlin: Randall, thank you for sharing your perspective. I couldn’t imagine doing this interview without prayer or your perspective.
Randall: Thank you, and thank you, Natalie, for allowing me to be included in the interview. G.E. Hamlin, as for your sentiment about not doing the interview without prayer or without me, I say, I couldn’t have done “Marriage Takes Three” without God or without you. Thank you.

A sneak peek into what you're working on right now?
Before I respond to that question, I want to say, Randall is such an interesting man. Thank you, Natalie for allowing me to include him in the interview. With regard to what I’m working on next, well, it is a subject matter that needs to come out of the dark and into the light. The topic is pornography. In my second novel “Forsaking All Others” a Christian married couple confronts the issue of pornography in the husband’s life and the fallout that occurs.

Wow, these are serious, prevalent issues Christians face today. I’m glad someone is taking them on to help minister to the struggling and brokenhearted. Do you blog? If so, leave us the address.
My Blog is titled “For Better or For Worse” and the URL is: HTTP://

Now some fun stuff... :)

On a dream research trip, where would you go? What would you ask to see/experience first?

On a dream research trip, I’d like to go on a ‘Couples Cruise’ to some wonderful tropical island, where I could pick the brains of the married couples about what they think works and doesn’t work in marriage.

Author Biography:
G.E. Hamlin (Ginny) passionately writes about broken marriages and the restorative power of Jesus Christ. Her stories stem from personal experiences and working in lay ministry as a member of her church. Her characters encounter the natural consequences of addiction to: alcohol, drugs, and sexual immorality. It is Ginny's hope each story will create a bridge for discussion in real life.

Ginny has been a member of ACFW (American Christian Fiction Writers) for over six years. Her style of writing reflects the qualities of Nicholas Sparks' soft side and the fast pace of James Patterson.
She and her husband Ed have a blended family with five adult children and eight grandchildren. Ginny and her husband live in Southern California where they enjoy the beach, desert, and mountains. As a full time author, she is blessed with frequent opportunities to spend time with the grandchildren.

Marriage Takes Three - Blurb
Darla Connor is struggling with whether to stay in her troubled marriage or walk away. Maintaining a long distance friendship with an old sweetheart isn't making the decision easier, especially when that sweetheart, now a famous country music star declares his love for her, even though she is married. Randall Connor is a recovering alcoholic and wants to heal his broken marriage, and as a new believer, he is counting on God to help him. When Darla rejects his ultimatum to sever ties with her old boyfriend, he's in for the battle of his life. Will Darla follow promises of a better life with her old boyfriend, or will she surrender to God in time to save her marriage?

Which of these things can readers can do to help spread the word about this book?
Word of mouth Pre-order Marriage Takes Three

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Recommend to a library or book club, or start one with this book!

Again, I humbly say…. All of the above please. ;)

Thank you, again, Natalie for having me and Mr. Randall Connor as your guests.


  1. Thanks for being here, Ginny! Can't wait to read this story and see Randall fight to keep his family together!

  2. Thank you, again, for having me as a guest on your blog. ;)

  3. Love this, thanks so much for sharing! Enjoyed every bits and so can't wait to read the novel :D

    1. Hi, Nadege! Thanks for coming by!

    2. Nadege, thank you for stopping by Natalie's blog for a visit. I'm glad you enjoyed spending time with Randall. ;)

  4. Great interview. Liked the actors chosen, but I see Matthew McConaughey as Jack... and maybe Chord Overstreet as Paul.

    1. Hi, Anonymous! Great to have you here!

      I love to hear how people picture characters while they read. They always seem to vary and its such fun getting to weigh different faces and see how they fit the personalities.

      Thanks for commenting!

  5. Anonymous, I like the idea of Matthew McConaughey in the role of Jack Collins. He's a great choice.

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