Thursday, July 24, 2014

Mary L. Ball Interview

Hi, Mary! Thanks for visiting us today! 

Why don't you start by describing what you write.
I write Inspirational fiction, mystery, suspense, and romance.

How would you label the overall mood of your stories: dark, gritty, poignant, sensitive, heart-warming, raucous, light, fresh, funny, educational, adventurous, witty, passionate, reminiscent, sweet, forceful, eye-opening?
Hallmark stories laced with the faith and the Lord’s mercy. 

What is the name of your latest book?

Stone of Destiny. 

What is the theme of your story and how did you come to it?
The theme is having faith through prayer. It really came about in an odd way. My grandson likes to read all those magic books. One day I passed him reading and  thought, “I need to write about God’s wonderfully, mysterious ways.” 

A sneak peek into what you're working on right now?
Before Christmas, I signed another contract with my publisher. We’ll soon begin the editing process. Below is the blurb.

Redemption in Big Fork Lake

What happens when an addiction takes over?

Only after Robert Turner attempts to hurt someone does he realize how much of a hold alcohol has on his life.
For Robert, a chance meeting with an Alcoholics Anonymous sponsor offers hope.
A new devotion to the Lord and a relationship with Belle McBride gives him expectations for a better future.

His life appears to be on the right track, until he comes full circle with his past and faces the one mistake that haunts him daily. Can forgiveness-free Robert or will he return to the life he once had?

Wow! That premise resonates with me, because the hero of my historical WIP faces the same issue. Very needful subject these days. 
Now, about you. Do you work a job other than writing? Is there a secret/technique you’ve found that helps with balancing the writing and working life?
Yes and no-I don’t work in a public job, but I keep my grandchildren and I’m a part-time caregiver for my eighty-one year old mother. My technique isn’t one at all. I write when I can, as I can. Sometimes, it’s a few hours a day, or I go several days and only write a few paragraphs.    

When you read, do you prefer paperback, e-book, or audio? Why?
I read both paperback and e-Books. I love paperbacks. The feel of the pages takes me back to an easier time, but with my busy schedule there are times when I wouldn’t be without my e-reader. I can read while waiting at appointments and don’t have to worry about remembering my books. 

I completely agree! Thanks for coming, Mary!

About the Author:
Mary L. Ball enjoys weaving together Inspirational fiction novels blended with romance.
Mary lives in North Carolina and weaves together stories that she hopes will encourage people to see the wonder of love and a divine guidance that often lies dormant, waiting to be found.
When she’s not writing Mary enjoys fishing, reading, and hiking.

Stone of Destiny Book Blurb):

Taylor has given up on everything but her work. After becoming the youngest CEO of Mugful’s Beverage Company, she believes life is complete--until her grandmother asks her to oversee the renovations of the family home, in addition to searching for a missing heirloom.

Her first contact with what she believes is an insignificant ring, lost for fifty years, sends her life spinning. Taylor experiences strange, unexpected feelings that she doesn't understand. Thoughts that should remain unspoken are voiced.

Taylor’s emotional journey begins, testing a heart as cold as the ring itself and forcing her to question everything she believes.

Is this a fairytale, or simply her soul reaching out for a different world--a life she can only find through faith and a divine trust in God?

Where can readers find you and your books online?

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  1. Thanks Natalie for having me on your lovely blog.

  2. I've enjoyed Mary's books and look forward to her soon-to-be new release. She's a good writer and shares Christ with her followers in
    each of her stories.

    1. I know! This story looks great, doesn't it? Thanks for coming by, Diane!!

  3. Sounds like a great inspirational writer this was a great way to get to know the Author, Mary Ball.

    1. Hi, there! I love meeting new authors and hearing about new books, too! Thanks for coming to visit!

  4. You're right about the alcohol theme being needed in our present world, Natalie. Great interview as always !

    1. Thanks, girl! And CONGRATS to your lovely contest-winning self! ;) I'm still jumping up and down! You and your story deserve it!

  5. I'm excited, my publisher just released the cover for my coming soon novel, Redemption in Big Fork lake. Take a peek,


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