Sunday, August 10, 2014

Trying Fan Fiction

It started with a necklace.

Actually, it started with a book... Okay, it started way before that, but for the sake of brevity--it started with a necklace.

I wanted the replica of Jonathan Tarquinias' ivory horse head necklace, and I wanted it bad. (Why? Read Chasing the Lion to find out.)

So when I saw author Nancy Kimball wearing one in a photo, I asked where I could purchase one of these necklaces. She said "Nuh-uh, girl, you're going to have to work for it." Haha! No, not really--she's a sweet lady. But she did mention she was giving away one of the necklaces in her upcoming fanfic contest.

Write fan fiction?
What? It'd be way too hard. There's no way I could get into the characters' heads enough to be believable. After all, these people came out of someone else's head, not mine. I'd fail epically, then be laughed permanently out of Wannabe Writer Land.

But, aaaaggghhh, I wanted that necklace! So I decided to try.

I reread half the book (Which was a pleasure--since picking up the quill, I seldom get to reread books I love. This gave me the perfect excuse.). I steeped myself in the provided backstory. Researched Roman vases and looked up words in Latin. Wrote a horrible draft that was WAY too short. Revised. Revised again. Edited. And WOAH, word count overflow. Trim trim trim. Snagged a proofread. Sent the entry. Whew!

Waiting thoughts: Prolly won't even final. Nancy's writing's amazing. I know she has lots of writer friends, and if they write half as good as she does, I won't have a chance. At least I'll have fun reading the winning entry and seeing how other writers represent Nancy's characters.

So I mosey over to:!fanfic/caot

What in the world?!

Is that my face? Is that MY entry???


I'm a little woozy over this news and the lack of my usual Sunday nap, so this post may read like an 8-year-old's diary, but I wanted to share my first fanfic experience with y'all. Fanfiction-ing was fun! 

Now I'm off to listen to the audiobook, narrated by Joseph Narducci--y'all, he is SO Jonathan.

BTW, Chasing the Lion is only $3.99 on Kindle as of 8.10.14! 

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  1. Yaaaaaaay! This is soooo cool! (Now who sounds like an eight-year old. lol) Congratulations!!! I want to see the necklace!


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