Tuesday, June 30, 2015

A Bride At Last by Melissa Jagears Reviewed

First of all, I want to say how happy I am that Christian romance publishers are allowing bearded heroes now. I'm a long-time fan of whiskers (on men) and immediately developed a satisfied grin after my first glimpse of this cover. If you're a fellow beard fan, check out my "Whiskers" Pinterest board. If you happen across some spectacular scruff, send it to me through Pinterest, and I'll pin it to the board and credit you with the submission. :)

The characters: 
 This hero and heroine are my favorite of Jagears' couples so far. The hero, with his tough past and his reasons for reticence stole my heart right off. And the heroine's tendency to run from issues, as well as her willingness to help others without condemning them, challenged my own attitudes.

The plot:  
This author's plots are different from any other format I've read. The beginning of A.B.A.L. starts with a bang, then the first third of the book gently develops characters and mounts the odds against them. After that, it's a wild ride of unexpected twists!

The setting:  
The overall setting stays light and never distracts from the plot or characters. Historical aspects are woven expertly into the action and dialogue.

The theme:  
"Never give up." This story has heart. A fresh look at addictions will bring hope to the struggling reader and compassion to the judgmental ones. Excellent portrayals that felt very real.

The end:  
The feeling I had after reading this book was similar to the one after reading Tamera Alexander's To Whisper Her Name. Sweet symbolism was woven throughout to bring the story a satisfying conclusion. And that epilogue!!! One of the best I've read in a while. :)

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I'm grateful to the author and publisher for providing me a paperback copy in exchange for my honest review.

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