Thursday, June 30, 2016

ACFW 2015 Conference Catch Up

Obvious confession #1: I’m late posting this blog.

Obvious confession #2: I’m seriously late posting these photos!

Thought y’all might like to get a peek into last year’s American Christian Fiction Writers Conference, held at the Hyatt Regency Hotel at the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport. So I’ve scrounged up the photos I took with my cell phone and have added a bit of commentary. :) I have lots of other photos, but there was no room in this post. If you REALLY want to see them, tell me so in the comments, and I'll do more posts or put them on Facebook. :)

Also, I’m super excited to say the Lord has worked an all-out God-thing and made it where I can attend this year as well. I don’t know what all He has in store, but I’m looking forward to finding out! The conference this year will be held at the Omni Hotel and Resort in Nashville, TN, a gorgeous venue that I’m excited to explore. I’ll try to bring back lots of photos if I can keep my head on straight. :)

This is obviously what I felt when I found out I was able to go to the ACFW 2015 Writers Conference.

Of course, then I had to figure out how to wear my hair at the gala.
Turns out the hairstyle's not as easy as it looks on Youtube.
Finally got my business cards in the mail after one failed batch.
My fairy godmother--um, I mean critique partner Elaine Manders sewed this beautiful historical costume to my specifications with her excellent seamstress skills and a heart made of gold.

Trying on the dress as soon as it came in the mail, because I couldn't stand it.

Dallas skyscrapers!

Me with Jeanne Takenaka. Such a friendly and encouraging lady!
Revell author Beth White and I in costume at the genre dinner!
The incomparable Francine Rivers and I--can you see the excitement pinging off of me? My crit partner and I were exploring the hotel at 11pm and happened to run into Frannie. Total God thing!

Appetizer at the gala.

The amazing Sara Ella! I'm so excited I got to meet her in person after being friends online through our awesome friend Nancy Kimball!

My roommate--a total dream! She was awesome and so workable. Can't wait to see you this year, Elizabeth Van Tassel!

People cheering at the gala as awards were being granted.

Since the hotel was in Texas, they had some excellent decor. I love this movie!

The hotel walls were papered with famous Texan quotes!

Comment fodder:
What's the coolest place you visited in 2015?
Have you ever been to the Dallas, TX area? What was your favorite thing about your visit?

***REMEMBER, if you have a question for me, any question, I'll try to answer it on July 18th! Ask me in the comments! 

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