Tuesday, January 17, 2017

And Sometimes You Fall Off the Earth... (Life & Book Update)

Has life ever opened up and slurped you into the vortex of dawn-to-dusk activities until you are just begging for one quiet cup of tea or a piece of chocolate? And heaven forbid you take the time for a bubble bath!

That was me during November and December 2016. Is me. Now.

Instead of imprisoning you to listen to the sluggish details, (an exquisite torture, I assure you) I'll just say:


Those of you who have moved from your home of ten years 250 miles or more into a fixer upper under construction (making four or five round trips) know exactly what I mean when I say, AAAAGH!!!

Those who haven't... Use your imagination to step into a 90 mph tornado and know that you are blessed.

All that to say, next time I foresee a huge two-month absence from blogging, I'll post a notice beforehand. I'm sorry for the awkward silence!

Writing Update:
Book edits with my publisher are (mostly) done, and THE PRE-ORDER OF MY NOVELLA IS AVAILABLE! YAY!!! *dancing like no one is watching, because it would hurt their eyeballs*

Not only is the collection available for pre-order, but for HALF-PRICE at $7.49. Woot!

Here's a veritable snack mix of pre-order links for your word-munching pleasure:
(Coming soon to a Walmart shelf near YOU!!!)

As for my 2017 blogging schedule?

I have NO IDEA what that looks like yet. But I will try to have something fun and interesting, maybe even educational for you guys to feast your eyes upon every Monday. 

I do know the New Releases List, Book Reviews, and Historical Tidbits are coming back, yay!! 

Maybe I'll make a new Questionnaire so you can tell me what you'd like to see more of here. But I will make an official post of it and announce when I get the new one up. Maybe I should even call it "The New Questionnaire" or Anonymous Questionnaire 2017? Yes I like that one. 

After all, YOU are the reason I write this blog! And God is the reason I write books. Two amazing audiences! :) I look forward to spending this year with you!

***If you'd like to skip the waiting for "Anonymous Questionnaire 2017" and don't mind being non-anonymous (say that three times fast, please), leave your opinion in the comments below! 

  • What would you love to see more of on the blog? 
  • Any new bookish ideas you want me to try in a post? 
  • Anything you noticed missing (besides me posting an actual blog post, lol) that you'd like to see brought back?

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